Earrings for heat

The building I rent my studio from has been in need of improvements and as winter is fast approaching we decided on a wood stove to help heat the massive hallway.  To help pay for the materials we held a support party which went great.  Super fun and everyone pitched in with the details and running the bar and entertainment.  

Meanwhile, the girls and I have been making some fun wearable sell-ables in hopes of generating some income for other improvements needed.  Caroline, My, Laura and I sat for weeks sorting through multi-colored bags of plastic beads and coming up with cute and cool motifs that we either thought might sell or that we just had to do for the fun of it.  

I found that the beads come in teeny-tiny size and decided to make it my trademark style. Also, couldn't see myself wearing the large and loud ones the other girls are so good at pulling off. So, a bit more discreet and petite for me.

Later on I decided that it needed some proper packaging to give it a finished look, better sell-ability and to give credit to our cause.

Little package boxes in 4 different colors that are cute to hold and easy to pack.  On the bottom of the package is a little blurb about our building and the historical area we are in.

and for a personal touch, each pair of earrings says who handmade them.

There is a larger package for the girls' and I'll put photos of that up next along with the display case I still need to make as we now have a shop in town that wants to carry them!  


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