Love for the old soul - Part 1

Husband and I and a car-full of people from Riggersloftet all took a drive to The Blue Hall, a local flea market.  Great building of room after room of Antiques, bits and bobs, junk and jems.. you never know what great stuff you'll trip over.  This trip I picked me up a few things for what I would consider a real steal.

After not finding much to my interest or of interest to my wallet, a rather nice fella let me have a handful of old gramophone records and this old paint box for 35 kr. The box itself was only 15, around 3 U.S. dollars.

Here are some photos of what it looked like when I bought it.  

Side view where you can see the tarnished brass buttons where a leather strap would fasten to tote your paintbox around. (Brass? Really? Nice feature to a beat up 'ol box)

Here if you look closely you can see the dovetail joints.  If you could look real close you can see that they are hand carved.  And where the paint has chipped off, you can tell it's a decent hard wood. (Hmm, hard wood can always be mended.. so it's a solid box)

The inside of the box with 2 trays for paints and brushes.  (I paint, heavy solid box, has some brass bits..Interesting enough to me, and this is why I bought it.)

When the box was covered in enamel paint, it looks as though the drying process was either disturbed or very poorly done as there are peaks of paint that stand up from the surface 1-2 millimeters... and then painted over again.  The paint is yellowed from age I suspect.

With some tugging I discovered that the trays are removable and made of zinc.  After finding one similar box online, though a deluxe model, I am inclined to think the trays were added at a later date. 

I had found my next project. :-D

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