Tick Tock Big Clock

Time is flying by so fast but there doesn't seem to be much progress on the wedding project lately. I have been wanting to write about an accomplishment, a great decision taken or reservation made... but no, nothing to cross off the list. All talk and questions still.

I think I turned a couple of shades of pink when I heard from Søren and my Mom that I have an attentive audience. *gulp* And I can't even see y'all there staring- I'm just talking to myself out loud. Thank Gawd I don't have to make a speech (Sorry Søren). I know the Bride CAN if she wishes, but with sweaty palms and knees shaking, I'll pass thanks- I'm crossing my fingers I can get down the aisle without tripping or staring zombie-eyed, stiff and straight ahead in concentration. I've been warned about crying unexpectedly and being stared at. I think if I take the zombie approach I won't be in too much danger there. Who knows, maybe by the time the date rolls around I will have a more calm and carefree view of the whole thing. HAHAHAHAHA!

Manic laughter is never a good sign. Get warmed up on the nervous highlights to come:

Best man speech
It takes some thought and preparation but a few notes, jokes, and jabs seem to please the crowd.

First Dance-Danish
Yes, it is a nervous affair here in Denmark. Song and dance are set by tradition. The Bride and Groom do the waltz while the guests clap and close in on the couple until they cant move- released from the crowds grip only after the newlyweds kiss. Luckily there won't be hundreds of guests attending as shown in the video of the Royal wedding.

First Dance- U.S.
It's a little different in the U.S. We just pick out a song that means something to us or that we have fun with. I guess if people are gonna be watching it's worth giving them something good to witness.

Cutting the cake
In my mind I want a food fight. I will behave, but now you know what I'm thinking in that moment ;-)

Bouquet toss
Now most bouquet tosses are enthusiastic and there might even be a little "fighting" for the catch which is a good laugh for all. The single women are suppose to want to be next in line for the big ceremony and if deep down they really don't, well, they have a lovely souvenir from the evening. I think the worst that can happen is.. well, nothing.

The Garter Toss
is more of a north American tradition but we are considering bringing it to Denmark this May.

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