The Dress

The dress hunt has been going on for a while now and still I'm only in phase one. I feel I have educated myself, albeit exclusively in the category I can't afford, I still retain a feeling of accomplishment and preparedness for my efforts. Entirely online, granted- a few emails exchanged. One dress is all I have physically had contact with and it was hideous in an educating sort of way. So points to the category of dresses I need not bother. Only 99 left eh? I don't know, I suppose you could pick a greater or lesser number but I'm shooting for under double digits. I love/hate shopping. It's like that, split personality. I like low impact shopping. Let me wander, don't bug me. I'm particular.

So, the dress is ivory. It can be a warm ivory. Not pink. I like the lines in the dresses above. Fairly natural waist, long skirt- but not a trail, delicate straps, simple and elegant embellishments. Above all, flattering. I don't actually know if it suits me, but that phase 2. Here we go. Wish me good hunting.

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