The Church

This is the place we decided to hold the ceremony. We sent a request and were allotted the perfect time of 3:00 in the afternoon on May 31st- the very date I wanted. Not a June bride but getting the benefits of the weather for that time of year (I hope). I love May.

This little church has a long history. Here comes the schpeel.

Situated in Silkeborg, in the middle of Jutland, a 300 kilometer drive from Copenhagen.

Originally, the ashlar church with vaulted arches consisted of a nave and alter. It was built onto at the end of the middle ages in 1494 with a Gothic-style porch for storing weapons before entering the church. In 1703 over the west gable a small clock tower was erected to replace the earlier, now dilapidated, tower. The new tower was restored in 1776. The church bell is one of the oldest in Denmark and dates from 1250. The alter piece dates from c.1650.

I have no connection to any denomination or congregation so I leaned on Søren for a meaningful location to take our vows. Søren attended service and was confirmed here as a teen and when I saw it from the outside on our first drive by I thought, It's a cute little place with a cosy atmosphere, how wonderfully charming! Oddly enough most churches are not open on Sunday, including this one, so when we went to check it out it was locked up tight to our great and continuing disappointment. Hrumph. Next time.

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