The beginning


This is where I start.

I USE computers. And I mean that in the most common sense of the word. This machine is a screwdriver- a scalpel- a vehicle- a tool I use everyday to make a living. If it breaks, I do what the rest of the world of computer users do- I call a computer person. There is a rare breed of humans that actually get high off of installing drives, reconfiguring "stuff" and the art of overclocking (among other things I do not understand- can you believe half a byte is called a nibble?!). To them I take a great bow of respect. This tool, this vehicle mah friends, drives my curiosity from place to place and I am grateful for the mobility.

Having said that, never have I had a reason to put my thoughts and interests online, on the highway for the public at large. I've tried many avenues over the years to communicate to my family and friends back home but a blog never caught my interest for one reason or another and now that I am taking a pretty big decision and am about to walk a different path (not to mention aisle... but that's coming, patience darlings) there are many things I want to say and share, and I think it's a perfect place to start.

I'm getting married.

( hold on, that still hasn't sunk in... gimme a moment)

Okay that could take a while, until then (and after) this is where the beginnings will be put. Check in on me when you're curious, when you're bored, when you need a laugh (we cry here too), if you want something to watch or get caught up in. The door is open, coffee is always on.

There's no place like home.

k y r i o u s . o r g