Time flies like an arrow, Fruit flies like bananas

It's been a long time since I my last entry. Loads has happened.

In february Hubs and I took a 3 week trip to Australia to visit his sister and niece. We saw the great outback, kangaroos, wild boars, koalas, joeys and even had a up-close encounter helping an echidna cross the road (I'm sure there is a aussie joke out there somewhere about that). So many wonderful things I can say about the south side of the equator. I still have batches of photos to process and will get them up here eventually.

At the end of May, we surprised my dad with a visit for his 60th birthday. Only my partners in crime, Aunt Kendra and Uncle Jack were in on that and the outcome was the best (good) shock I think my dad has had in decades. I'm proud to have such a wonderful husband to support me and my connection with family back home. It was his idea in the first place and he made sure it happened despite my protests of practicality. We stayed 10 days and took a small trip to Eureka Springs Arkansas. Beautiful. Deege will hate motocycles for a long time :-)

In July we returned to Kansas City for 3 weeks for our full summer vacation and spent a week in Colorado and a few lost hours in Wyoming. Took the Nephews, Jason (5) and Noe (10) on their first real camping trip. Real in that they were in genuine wilderness, with real live animals which prevent you from being the top of the food chain, in a minimal shelter, no public facilities or even water to be found. We needed to bring our own water with us.

I think despite the normal tantrums and behaviour acts, they enjoyed it. A shock for Hubs and I as we don't have contact with children of any age back in Denmark. One evening/early morning a bear came into camp and was sniffing around the kids tent (the only unarmed shelter) .

He didn't cause any trouble and left on his own as the food was locked in a car a few yards off. I have to be honest, there were a few tantrums the kiddies threw that led us adults to ponder the peace we might have had were the bear not so picky that night.


And tomorrow, at 12:00 we start a new endeavor. We will be picking up our new puppy, Subi, down in south sjælland and taking her into our hearts and lives. Companionship is a huge motivator for anyone part of the human race. I think we have been needing more family near us, and this will be our training wheels for future additions.

I look forward to new experiences, new situations, new friendships and perhaps even a more fit (physically and mentally) Me.

She is just what we were looking for. A 50/50 mix between a

Bernese Mountain dog

and a

Border Collie


Our New puppy, Subi- 9 weeks

k y r i o u s . o r g