Time flux

Daylight savings is a farse! Complete Flummery!

Today is confusing as I feel every year is around this time. You keep an eye out for the time change, cursing all the while that it is unnecessary to reset your clocks- does it matter if it's by 5 hours or by one? Every year I forget. EVERY year. Some years I'm caught, some not. This time I've been talking to mom over


, and for some reason, at least in the U.S. of wacko .A they don't set their clocks back until November.. completely arbitrary. Why. Not that any answer would justify an alteration to the already obsolete, it just ticks me off.

Last night the digital devices decided, well, half of them really, that it was daylight savings time once again. The clocks auto switched by one hour but because of the previous conversation with mom there was great doubt of which clocks were correct. I checked the tv station clock and called it correct.

Like vampires (which is what I was watching before bed last night) Hubs and I awake, dress and leave for work.. noticing something was not quite right as there was too much light! The car clock, train station were saying one thing and the mobile phones and tv were objecting, insisting doubt.

The clock on the front of the train station said 8:50 but I caught the 7:50 train to Odense.. And yes, the computer also says I am on normal time.. I give up. Days like this you just have to ignore. Everyone should renounce being on time for 24 hours. I pity the airports, and I have very little love for them.

Morning landscape in lovely light, blaring through the windows and blinding me with after images of black dots. Down into the tunnel and out the other side, flanked by ocean 10 meters away to the right and a few car lanes on the left. The yellow sun always has a dramatic effect on the blue ocean. Cloudy on this side, hazy and grey. So purple near the horizon where cold rain surely falls and covers a distant island..

Ah the metallic burning smell of brakes.

k y r i o u s . o r g